House Dems back tens of TRILLIONS in new spending for college debt and universal healthcare, but balk on a few billion to take care of migrant children

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) If you ever needed additional evidence that Democrats don’t really care about illegal aliens except to use them and the issue of ‘illegal immigration’ to their political advantage, POTUS Donald Trump just provided a perfect example.

Readers will recall last week the president tweeted out that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) teams would begin ‘raids’ aimed at locating and deporting illegal aliens who have been ordered out of the country by immigration courts.

Mind you, the president did not tweet any details about the raids — when they would begin, where ICE agents would go, who would be targeted specifically, etc.

No, those details were subsequently leaked to the Washington Post, which gleefully published them because it was yet another opportunity to ‘stick it’ to a president the paper’s editors and reporters loathe more than they support the safety and security of the American people and the rule of law.

That led to the cancellation of the operation and the raids, which have been postponed indefinitely. The reason was obvious: The administration and the Department of Homeland Security did not want to endanger their agents.

It’s not clear yet who leaked details of the operation — the Washington Examiner reported that five government officials told the outlet they believe acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan is the guilty party because he’s been campaigning against them for weeks.

What has become more clear since Trump announced the raids and the subsequent Democrat and media backlash against them is that the president, once again, played these people like fiddles.

In subsequent reporting after details of the raids were leaked, it was revealed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) made a personal appeal to POTUS to hold off on the raids for a couple of weeks, ostensibly because the raids were “scaring the children” and to give Democrats a chance to work with Republicans on a suitable solution.

Democrats proceeded to come up with legislation that provides additional funds to alleviate what they have called ‘abysmal conditions’ in various camps and holding facilities where migrant children are being held.

The legislation would provide something like $4.5 billion in emergency relief funds to DHS so the agency can buy additional supplies, bedding, and other creature comforts for these migrant children and their families.

Politico noted:

The $4.5 billion emergency measure would avert a funding lapse at the federal refugee office that has overseen thousands of unaccompanied children migrating from Central America, though it would still need to be reconciled with the Senate’s own version before becoming law.

This legislation should have been a slam-dunk. Republicans will support it, and Democrats who say that the Trump administration has been so badly mistreating migrant ‘captives’ — even to the point of putting them in “concentration camps,” as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) inappropriately claimed in recent days — should have leapt at the opportunity to alleviate the migrant child suffering they have all been lamenting.

But no.

Rather than simply vote for an emergency bill everyone on Capitol Hill knows is vital and necessary, the uber Leftists within the party (Cortez, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich., and others) initially refused to support it because they claimed they were afraid the Trump administration would use part of the money for ICE enforcement operations.

And you know, Democrats can’t go on record supporting enforcement of immigration laws. What would their lawless, unhinged base think?

That led Pelosi to schedule and hold what sources report was a highly contentious meeting with her Democrat House caucus in which she essentially told members, ‘If you don’t support this bill, Trump is going to use it to hammer us with it into the 2020 election.’

“The president would love for this bill to go down today,” Pelosi told members as she urged support, according to a senior Democratic aide, Politico reported.

Asked later by a reporter if Democrats were going to support the $4.5 billion funding measure, Pelosi dodged the question with this response: “It will pass when we bring it to the floor.”

When it is brought to the floor.

And by the way, Congress appropriates — or doesn’t appropriate — funding for specific uses. This excuse that the president would spend money on things Democrats don’t like can’t happen constitutionally if the money is not earmarked for those expenditures.

But contrast this with other initiatives congressional Democrats have supported or 2020 Democrats are supporting:

— A $32 trillion (over just 10 years) “Medicare-for-all” scheme, which could not even be paid for if Congress doubled all current individual and corporate income taxes, according to one study;

— The “Green New Deal,” which the Mises Institute estimates would cost an eye-watering $93 trillion over the course of a decade, which the organization says is a “conservative estimate;”

— A plan to erase virtually all current college debt at a cost of $1.9 trillion, while making college “free” to most others in the future, costing untold trillions more.

Meanwhile, federal debt being held by the public “is already sky high and it’s expected to soar during the next 30 years if current laws remain unchanged — dramatically escalating the risk of a ‘fiscal crisis,’ the CBO said in a new report Tuesday,” Politico reported.

But hey — as Democrats, let’s quibble about and fail to support a measly $4.5 billion that would allegedly help alleviate so much pain and suffering currently being experienced by migrant children.

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Donald Trump may not be a lot of things, but when it comes to politics, he’s a genius. He knew that Democrats would oppose any effort by him or his government when it comes to immigration-related policies. And he appears to have been right.

No wonder Pelosi was telling members to support the bill; she knows, too, that opposing it will perfectly frame the hypocrisy of her party regarding illegal immigration and how Democrats really couldn’t care less about migrants if they won’t help the party politically.

Giving credit where credit is due, H/T Rush Limbaugh

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1 Comment on "House Dems back tens of TRILLIONS in new spending for college debt and universal healthcare, but balk on a few billion to take care of migrant children"

  1. I think part of the problem, too, is that the $4.5 billion is real money that will actually be spent. The billions for pie-in-the-sky medical care, fictional environmental issues, student debt erasure and so forth are all promises that don’t need to be kept and most likely wouldn’t be if, God forbid, a Democrat should win in 2020. Nancy Pelosi can lie like wall-to-wall carpet, and I’m certain she could come up with any necessary virtue-signaling excuses for not coming through on the promises.

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