By Duncan Smith

If you’re as sick and tired as we are of seeing well-paid athletes of American sports leagues disrespecting our country by kneeling during the playing of our National Anthem, this will set you into orbit.

Matt Dumba of the Minnesota Wild, who is Canadian, became the first National Hockey League player to kneel during the anthem — after lecturing Americans on alleged ‘systemic racism.’

But then this puke stood proudly for his country’s national anthem.

Oh, yeah.


Dumba, who is Canadian, was invited onto the ice for a special ceremony, walking down a red carpet and delivering a speech about racial justice. He knelt for 'The Star-Spangled Banner,' but stood for 'O, Canada,' the Canadian anthem.

The scoreboard flashed a slogan with a hashtag: 'We Skate for Black Lives.'

'During this pandemic, something unexpected, but long overdue, occurred,' Dumba said, during his speech. 'The world woke up to the existence of systematic [sic] racism and how deeply rooted it is within our society.'

He added: 'Racism is everywhere, and we need to fight against it.'

As he knelt, Blackhawks goalie Malcolm Subban and Oilers defenseman Darnell Nurse each put a hand on his shoulders.

First and foremost, the ‘systemic racism’ narrative is a blatant lie, and there are stats and data to support that statement.

Secondly, the ‘middle finger to you, America’ doesn’t get any more in-your-face than this.

NHL officials (and the player who tolerate this abuse) should be ashamed. But of course, if they are, we’ll never hear about it.

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