(NationalSentinel) Politics: Cowardly congressional leaders (you know who you are) have suggested they would shun President Donald J. Trump’s request for initial funding to begin construction of his promised border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, in an effort to pass a budget bill at the end of this month to avoid a government shutdown.

That came after Democrats promised to withhold their support for any bill that contained two things: Funding cuts to Planned Parenthood and money for Trump’s border wall.

The White House, however, isn’t sitting down for this.

As noted by Breitbart News, White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney is threatening to withhold subsidies for Obamacare if the border wall funding is scrapped. If that happens, the remaining exchanges will implode for good as insurers bail (and get stuck holding billions of dollars in subsidy debt).

It’s budget hardball at its finest.

“We have our list of priorities,” Mulvaney told a business conference on Friday.

Continuing, he noted:

Won’t surprise anyone what some of them are. We want more money for defense. We want to build a border wall. We want more money for immigration, law enforcement. The Democrats may have some of their own priorities. I [already] indicated making some of these payments for the Obamacare subsidies is one of their priorities. Okay, that’s fine. We’re willing to be at that discussion if they want to have it and that’s what we’re telegraphing … we understand they have a certain amount of leverage in the Senate because we do need 60 votes [to get funding]. So we need some sort of bipartisan support in the Senate. They are entitled under that set of circumstances to get some of their priorities funded. It is ripe for some type of negotiated agreement that gives the president some of his priorities and Democrats some of their priorities. We think we’ve opened the door [to a compromise]. I know that we have.

That strategy may just work. On Friday, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., indicated that funding those subsidies was indeed a priority for his party.

“We’re working hard to get it in the bill. We’re very hopeful, negotiations seem to be going quite well … We want to make a good budget that meets our principles … so far, so good,” he said, according to a report from BNA.com.

But the Democrats will also pay a political price if they continue to obstruct Trump, Mulvaney added:

If [Democrats] tell us to pound sand, I think that’s probably a disappointing indicator of where the next four years is going to go. If they tell us, however, that they recognize that President Trump won an election, and he should get some of his priorities funded for that reason, elections have consequences, as folks who win always like to say.

The GOP has been reluctant to fund the border wall, incredibly, given the party’s historically tough stand against illegal immigration.

But when your corporate donors who thrive on cheap immigrant labor don’t want anything impeding that flow, then you get this political irony.

Trump, however, seems determined to get his funding. Democrats, surprisingly, may wind up helping him do just that.


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