By Jon Dougherty @TheNatSent

(TNS) Nearly every American is currently living under some form of restriction thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, even though we don’t really yet know how ‘bad’ the virus is, who has been infected, who has recovered, who is immune, etc.

Widespread antibodies testing would most definitely give us answers to those questions.

In the meantime, however, our economy has largely been shut down and our way of life has been dramatically altered in ways few of us ever thought would realistically happen.

We can’t travel freely. We must be quarantined if we do go to certain states. Schools have been closed. Businesses deemed “non-essential” and ordered shut down. There are curfews in some parts of the country. Some mayors have warned the will arrest people caught outside their homes without ‘permission to travel’ and throw them in jail for months — even while they release dangerous criminals from jail.

These actions taken by governors and mayors — and this is important — are nearly all based on incomplete information about coronavirus. They are based on worst-case-scenario models that many scientists are now beginning to openly question. They are based on fear.

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Meanwhile, as we enter the third week of ‘self-isolation to slow the virus’ spread’ and 6.6 million Americans have now filed new unemployment claims, more and more people are beginning to ask a vital question: When does all of this end?

There is another question we ought to be asking, too: Will things go back to normal when these shutdowns do end?

According to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the answer is no.

“This is gonna be transformative,” Cuomo said of the coronavirus pandemic. “We’re never gonna be the same again. The fear that we have, the anxiety that we have, that’s not just going to go away.

“When do we get back to normal…I don’t think we get back to normal,” Cuomo said. “I think we get to a new normal.”

Whoa. What does that mean?

As Fox News’ Laura Ingraham notes, the “old normal was when your kids actually went to school, you could go to work, you could go to church if you wanted, maybe a restaurant, or watch a sporting event, or play sports with your friends. You traveled anywhere whenever you damn well pleased without government tracking or police questioning you.

“That was the old normal,” she continued.

So if the ‘new normal’ means we “stay home when we’re sick and we wash our hands more” and we don’t buy any more drugs from China, “that’s great.”

However, if the new normal means we can’t go back to our “old normal” lives and that authoritarians like him are planning to use the coronavirus outbreak to keep us timid and frightened so they can impose a Left-wing agenda of tyranny, “count us out,” Ingraham said.

How many more governors think like Cuomo? How many more are planning a ‘new normal’ that involves the taking of liberties ‘in the name of public safety?’

Hell, no.

Remember the Democrat Marxist mantra: ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste.’


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