Sperry: CIA operative and Ukraine ‘whistleblower’ a registered DEM who dug dirt on Trump, Manafort…in Ukraine

(NationalSentinel) Investigative reporter Paul Sperry dropped a couple of bombshells Thursday night that should help blow this Democrat/Deep State “Ukraine” scandal aimed at President Trump right out of the water.

In a pair of succinct tweets, Sperry revealed new details about the so-called “CIA whistleblower” who claimed, using second- and third-hand info, that Trump improperly enlisted Ukrainian aid to help expose corruption involving Joe and Hunter Biden.

Literally, this is bombshell stuff:

Of course, the transcript of the president’s calls reveals that he said nothing about withholding military aid from Ukraine unless Kiev gave him “dirt” on Biden. The Garbage Party and their lying propagandists in the Washington media know that, of course, but they’re too busy trying to stage a coup against Trump to give much attention to facts and truth.

And they damned sure don’t give a whit about the American people — especially those who put Trump in office. In fact, if these treasonous pieces of shit could find a way to, shall we say, ‘nullify’ 63 million Trump voters, you can bet your ass they’d do it.

So what Sperry has provided may not ‘shock’ a lot of people — we all suspected this bullshit was just the latest chapter of the Democrat/Deep State op to get rid of our president.

But by putting it out in public as verified Sperry helps us advance our cause of defending the president because he needs to be defended, as does our republic — both of them are under assault.

And let’s never ever forget that 1) Obama is dirty as hell and is up to his lying mouth in all of this; 2) Spygate happened and has been verified; 3) Russian collusion was bullshit and that’s been proven; 4) There is nothing improper, illegal, unconstitutional, or impeachable for a president to enlist foreign assistance in rooting our illegal behavior and corruption; and 5) The fate and future of our country is literally at stake; if we lose Trump, we lose the country.

Trump will remain under siege, sure, but exposing every piece of bullshit against him remains the order of the day. You need to give Sperry an “atta boy.”

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