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Former Trump advisor Roger Stone: ‘WikiLeaks and Julian Assange NOT Russian assets’ like media, Dems say

(National SentinelPolitical Intrigue: It’s interesting to watch the Washington establishment media’s relationship with Roger Stone, friend, confidante and former advisor to President Donald J. Trump.

On the one hand, they are so intrigued by Stone they pursue him for interviews often. On the other hand, when he says something they don’t like, they vilify him.

So, much of the establishment press is likely not to take kindly his remarks regarding their claims and the claims of the Democratic Party they represent regarding their phony baloney narrative that Trump and Putin “colluded” to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, and that WikiLeaks was part of that strategy because Julian Assange, the site’s founder, dared to publish hacked Democratic National Committee and Hillary campaign emails - the revealing contents of which were never disputed.

In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Stone discusses many things but one thing that intrigued us was his remarks regarding the press, Assange and WikiLeaks:

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are not Russian assets. That’s your assessment. When the FBI or CIA use the word “assessment,” they are signaling to you that they don’t know anything or are telling you how they want it to be. If Mr. Pompeo, the CIA director, or Mr. Comey have evidence that would hold up in a U.S. court of law that Assange is a Russian asset, produce it! But they can’t, because they don’t have it. That’s number one.

Number two, my exchange with Guccifer 2.0, who is also not a Russian asset, is benign based on the timing, the content and context. My exchange with him on Twitter, which is now entirely public, came six weeks after the publication of the DNC documents that Guccifer 2.0 takes public credit for hacking. Consequently, my collusion with him in that act would be impossible, unless I owned a time machine.

Stone says he’s been asked by the House and Senate intelligence committees to preserve any and all documents related to the subject matter of Russia, WikiLeaks and so forth, but he also said he has not yet been scheduled to appear before either committee.

As for House and Senate Democrats on both committees who have spoken about these issues and made certain claims they cannot substantiate, Stone had no kind words:

I know Sens. Warner, Feinstein and Franken have said things that are demonstrably, provably, false. Therefore, I should be able to testify in a public session that affords me the opportunity to take their words and demonstrate that they are liars. I do not want to testify behind closed doors where they can mischaracterize what I say.

Actually, the House Democrats have been worse!

On March 22, Congressman Schiff said that he had seen more than conclusive evidence of Russian collusion. Then on April 2, he said there was no evidence of Russian collusion. Which is it, Adam? I know you want to go to the U.S. Senate, but you are not getting there over my body.

In the same vein, Congressman Eric Swalwell, a nice-looking guy, a mannequin, is repeating that I bragged about John Podesta’s email being hacked in advance. I never said any such thing! Either produce proof that I did, or shut the fuck up!

The entire interview is here and is certainly worth the read. But the point is, once again, Stone is exposing the political debauchery surrounding this fake news narrative that the Kremlin conspired with the Trump campaign on any level.



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