By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Conservatives should get to know the name Sam Gerstmann. We think you’re going to hear a lot about him — and from him — in the future.

Sam has just released a video in which he explains the origins of the Second Amendment like a boss, shearing liberal lies in the process with facts, historical references, and a grasp of the Constitution that escapes some academics too wound up in their Leftist political ideology.

Sam’s obviously done his homework.

At 15, he knows more about the Second Amendment and its origins than most. And when it comes to exposing the Left’s gun control agenda, his spot-on presentation of facts, figures, and common sense you seldom see in young adults destroys their pathetic, politicized positions.

“The Second Amendment is one of the most important rights that the American people have,” he explains on YouTube.

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“However, in order for liberals and the left to further their anti-gun, pro-gun control argument, they will often lie about it to paint a false narrative. As conservatives, understanding these lies and how they are incorrect is very important for the purpose of defending our fundamental freedoms, which is what this video outlines,” continues.

Give Sam a listen. And remember his name as you consider subscribing to this young man’s YouTube channel.


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