By Duncan Smith

Powerhouse Georgia-based attorney Lin Wood gave an explosive interview to a local radio station on Friday in which he dropped tons of bombshells regarding allegations of electronic voter fraud made by him and President Donald Trump’s campaign.

In the interview, Wood said he believes GOP Gov. Brian Kemp and other state elected officials — most whom are Republicans — are “corrupt” and have gotten “Chinese money” to look the other way regarding alleged vote fraud committed via Dominion Voting System machines and SCYTL servers.

He’s also convinced that President Trump actually won nearly every state and a massive 410 electoral votes, which he says friend and fellow attorney Sidney Powell, who is with the Trump campaign, has the evidence.

Wood said they have the Scytl servers, and they will show the “before” and “after” votes.

“Now we know why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris didn’t bother to really campaign,” Wood said, adding:

“I’ve met with Sidney Powell at length. I’ve seen the evidence with respect to the Dominion machines and the software they use, and how they ran it through Barcelona in Spain, where they manipulated the votes. They’ve done this in prior elections, this time they got caught. I believe the President of the United States knows what they did. I believe that at some point in time you’re going to find that action will be taken under the executive order that was entered in 2018 by the president, where he was dealing with foreign interference in a domestic United States election. I think the best is yet to come.”

It’s an explosive interview.


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