By Duncan Smith

Conservative activist Charlie Kirk — like those of us here at The National Sentinel — want President Trump reelected.

Not only do we need him to be so that his policies of growth, restoration of constitutionalism, and revitalization of the federal bench continue. But also, we need Trump back for another four years as a bulwark against the rising Left-wing cultural revolution.

Can he, though? Can Trump crush Biden like he disposed of Hillary Clinton?

The Turning Point USA founder thinks so.

In an interview Saturday evening with Fox News’ Judge Janine Pirro, Kirk laid out the plan:

I think that America right now, because of the propaganda media and the activist wing of the Democrat Party, America feels a little bit down right now, and the president is one of the most positive political figures that has ever come across the American political scene.

And what he did in 2016 so brilliantly, is he really tempted Americans to dream. He said, 'yes we can bring jobs back,' 'yes, we can build the wall,' 'yes, you are gonna get so sick of winning you're gonna say I can't take it anymore.'

Kirk added that he believes Trump 'needs to lean into that even more,' saying Americans 'want their lives' back and that some are unfairly blaming the president for their frustration over the virus.


The American people right now on Independence Day weekend, they want their lives back. And so they are a lot of voters right now are frustrated and they're wrongly placing some of that frustration, I believe, on the president of the United States. It's just there's a lot of reasons for it.

That said, Trump was certainly on that game plan during his Mount Rushmore speech Friday:

Trump’s positivity was also noticed by others.

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