Trey Gowdy lays out why Nancy Pelosi MUST remove Adam Schiff from House Intelligence Committee, and it’s brutally honest

By Jon Dougherty

Since special counsel Robert Mueller filed his mandatory report with the Justice Department a week ago officially clearing POTUS Donald Trump of the “Russian collusion” hoax, some Democrats have continued to push the lie.

One of them just happens to be the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee — Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.).

Everyone in D.C. knows that the collusion narrative was a hoax from the outset, a fabrication designed by the Obama regime and carried out by Deep State operatives in the Justice Department, FBI, and Intelligence Community to undermined POTUS and, frankly, to depose him.

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It didn’t work and try as Mueller did, he just couldn’t find anything that could even remotely ‘prove’ the lie, so he gave it up last week and called it quits.

But Schiff and fellow California Democratic goofball Eric Swalwell are continuing to push the hoax lie as though nothing had happened and Mueller’s official finding doesn’t exist.

That’s dangerous for American security, according to former U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) for a couple of reasons.

First, recall that Schiff is not only a liar but he’s a leaker, as Gowdy, members of Congress, and the Trump administration are aware.

But also, because of that and because Schiff continues to push a false narrative, he’s not trusted enough by rank-and-file members of the Intelligence Community (and current Trump officials who are running it) to brief on sensitive information — which makes him a liability to the country.

Therefore, Gowdy argues, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, also of California, really has no choice but to remove him from the Intelligence Committee altogether.

“It’s hard to get on the House Intelligence Committee,” Gowdy told Fox News Friday, “at least on the Republican side.” He noted that GOP leaders “don’t pick members of the ‘bomb-throwing caucus’ or the ‘crazy caucus,'” but rather members who have intelligence community expertise or other experience that is appropriate, such as having been a U.S. attorney with experience prosecuting terrorism cases.

“For them to say, ‘Adam Schiff, we have lost confidence in your leadership’….I tell you what I think is going to happen next is the intelligence community is going to say, ‘You know what, Adam? You disregard the information that you’re provided, you pre-judge of investigations, you have the president not just indicted but in jail…We’re gonna stop sharing information with you if you are the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and you can’t act in a reasonable manner.'”

In that case, Gowdy continued, “Pelosi will have no choice but to replace Schiff.”

Gowdy said the next in line would be Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.), “who’s every bit as progressive” but “a lot more reasonable.”

Gowdy also talks about how chief anti-Trump troll and former CIA Director John Brennan was responsible for spreading the fake Russian dossier all over Washington, D.C., and to the media.


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5 Comments on "Trey Gowdy lays out why Nancy Pelosi MUST remove Adam Schiff from House Intelligence Committee, and it’s brutally honest"

  1. Get Schiff off such a sensitive committee. He should not be trusted to even sit in on hearings. Schiff is displaying some real detachment from reality and is becoming too heavy a lift for the Democrats to keep

  2. His security clearance should be yanked for acting against Americas interests

  3. I would hope for more DRASTIC measures against that alien, bug-eyed looking bastard……….Go figure, Bull-schiff, Pelosi and Republican-looking, all-american-looking, Eric Swallows-well at the lead on perpetuating the BIG LIE that Barry HUSSEIN O and his husband Mick were a party to in creating.

  4. Take those 3 Californians and drop ’em onto the Farallon Islands off ‘Frisco and let them look longingly at their own Sodom & Gomorrah while trying to figure out how to escape that rock that’s surrounded by Great White Shark infested waters. Full-of-Schiff, Swallows-well and ‘ol Nance can rot away there. Even the seagulls wouldn’t pick at their remains.

  5. Of course Schiff is a problem, but he is mostly just another democratic noisemaker.

    We don’t need Gowdy to tell us about Schiff. Don’t let Gowdy fool you. Gowdy was a major negative factor in stopping the deep state coup. He made statements supporting the witch hunt and spying on Trump. And he wanted Trump to submit to a Mueller perjury trap.

    Gowdy has a history of erratic and self serving statements. He is no hero.

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