By Duncan Smith

Not everything is as it seems…

Lots of President Donald Trump’s supporters are dunking on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for politically hamstringing a bill to send $2,000 COVID-19 relief checks to Americans.

It’s understandable because, over the past four years, we’ve come to know and expect that President Trump has Americans’ backs (even those who despise him).

But we did a little checking and it turns out that the Kentucky Republican is concerned about a lot of borrowed money (because none of the COVID relief is actually paid for with offset spending cuts) going to a lot of Americans who don’t need it.

'Our colleagues who purport to be the champions of vulnerable Americans now say that what struggling people really need is for Congress to stop focusing on targeted relief for them specifically and to instead send thousands of dollars to people who don't need the help,' McConnell argued on the Senate floor on Thursday.

McConnell said the direct payments are akin to 'borrowing from our grandkids to do socialism for rich people,' adding that it is a 'terrible way to get help to families who actually need it.'

'Nobody is out of work but our so-called progressive friends say the household need, quote, 'survival checks,’' the majority leader added. 'In fact, they believe a family of five should have to earn $350,000 before the spigot of government money would stop entirely,' he said, in reference to the HEROES Act that was passed by Democrats in May.

'Socialism for rich people—that's what Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi and Senator Sanders have sketched out. A terrible way to help those who need it. Experts across the political spectrum agree,' McConnell said.

Gah…he used that ‘socialism’ word.

Yes, we get it, this is coronavirus relief. But it’s not ‘free money’, and conservatives have never been about ‘free money’ anyway.

Plus, there are a lot of Americans who, thankfully, were able to continue working and paying their bills throughout the pandemic and simply do not need to be paid $2,000 just for ‘going through it.’

President Trump’s heart is in the right place, no doubt about it.

But a better idea is, if we’re going to pay out that much money to people, it should not be like mail-in ballots in Democrat-run states: Scattered in the wind.

They should be targeted to a specific need.

We actually think McConnell’s right on this one.

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