Lindsey Graham schools Fox News’ Chris Wallace on ‘trust’ in AG Barr: ‘I was believed when I supported Mueller’

By Jon Dougherty

Washington journalists make it obvious on a daily basis they exist on a different plane, if not a different planet, than the rest of the country living outside the D.C. Beltway, and some Fox News journalists are no different.

That includes Chris Wallace, who has shown a propensity lately to sound more like ‘just another guy’ from the unhinged Left-wing Democrat-aligned media than a correspondent from a stand-out network.

For his “Fox News Sunday” program he interviewed Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), and, at one point, asked him about whether or not we could “trust” Attorney General William Barr to ‘fairly’ release declassified information in a way that did not merely protect or exonerate POTUS Donald Trump.

Graham’s response was total schooling.

Noting that current and former FBI and intelligence community officials who are opposed to POTUS Trump’s decision to declassify all information related to the deep state coup attempt against him via “Spygate” were simply “worried about being exposed,” Graham went onto note that the country deserves to know the truth about what happened, who was involved, and who ordered it.

“I was one of the Republicans insisting that [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller be allowed to do his job. I never thought it was a witch hunt. The Mueller report is in. No collusion,” Graham said. “You know Mueller didn’t do anything on obstruction. Now I’m insisting that we get to the bottom of this, all of the documents around the FISA warrant application released.

“I want to find out exactly how the counterintelligence operation began,” Graham said. “I think transparency is good for the American people. Not one Democrat seems to care.

“I wish some Democrat would come forward to find out if the FISA court was defrauded by the FBI and the Department of Justice.”

He then said he has complete confidence in AG Barr and that he trusts him before Wallace threw up some roadblocks — and the schooling began.

“Critics make two points, particularly about this issue of declassifying because these are, after all, the crown jewels of the intelligence community, including, reportedly, the identity of a key informant who was close to Vladimir Putin,” Wallace said (‘critics’ being Democrats, Democrat-aligned sycophants, and deep state figures involved in the scandal).

“Here are the two questions they raise: one, can Barr be trusted with these secrets and two, can he be trusted not to cherrypick the information to make a case for the president?”

Graham was ready.

“Nobody doubted my trust or my ability to be fair when I supported Mueller. The people who are worried about this are worried about being exposed for taking the law into their own hands. It doesn’t surprise me that the people we’re looking at – they don’t want transparency,” Graham insisted.

“We’re not compromising national security here. We’re trying to create a system to make sure this never happens again by shedding light on what happened with the FISA warrant process, the counterintelligence investigation. Did they have a lawful reason to surveil President Trump’s campaign? Did they lie to the FISA court? Every American should want to find that out,” Graham continued.

So should Wallace.

Meantime, maybe he can find some legitimate “critics” who make valid points against full declassification rather than political points, which mean nothing to the vast majority of Americans not living in a D.C. ZIP Code.

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4 Comments on "Lindsey Graham schools Fox News’ Chris Wallace on ‘trust’ in AG Barr: ‘I was believed when I supported Mueller’"

  1. This Isn't Fakebook and I am Not Your Friend | May 28, 2021 at 4:16 pm | Reply

    Wallace is the biggest RAT on FAUX. The wives of Murdoch’s sons will make sure and keep him around. Shawna Vannity probably won’t last though.

  2. Defeat_Liberalism | May 28, 2021 at 4:33 pm | Reply

    Seems Wallace true spots have forever become brighter!

  3. Loudmouth Graham is no better than Wallace. He spoke just like Wallace until he saw that Trump was not being indicted, plus his election is coming up so he must pretend to be conservative.

    Graham demonstrates his character by admitting he was a devoted supported of Mueller and also wanted a law to protect Mueller!

    To choose Graham as a hero is to choose to fail and be gullible.

    This was an interview by a rich spoiled brat establishment leftist of a phony self serving RINO. They argued over the tiniest of points. Graham’s big point is that he wants to find out things which we already know and which he ignored those key first 2 years.

  4. South Carolina needs to run a candidate against Graham in the primary - someone with gravitas and a true patriot. Someone as wishy-washy as chameleon Graham cannot be trusted. He could easily flip back to his “Traitor Persona” after the election. The Senate is too important for his seat to be trusted to such a flip flopper.
    I hope he doesn’t think we can forget what the first version of himself was when he was aligned with McStain.

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