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POTUS Trump defends his smackdown of Nancy Pelosi against fake news media: ‘She made horrible statements’

By Jon Dougherty

If anything, the Trump era is serving as an object lesson in how utterly biased the so-called “mainstream media” has become over the last several decades, acting more as the propaganda division for the Democrat Left than serious news organizations.

Case in point: The media-generated ‘controversy’ over POTUS Donald Trump’s sharing on Twitter of an edited video showing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stuttering and stammering over her words — something that has become quite common for her in recent years.

The Washington press corps leaped at the president on Friday after he shared, and commented, on the video, asking why he was “attacking” her an denied that the video has been “doctored,” as critics have charged (more on that in a moment).

“This just shows how fake you and the news are. When you say, when you say a personal attack. Did you hear what she said about me long before I went after her? Did you hear?” the president told reporters as he left the White House to board Marine One for the first leg of his trip to Japan, where he met with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Pelosi claimed earlier this week — right before she met with POTUS at the White House for a meeting on infrastructure legislation — that he was involved in a “cover-up” of some sort, alluding to the repeatedly debunked “Russian collusion/obstruction of justice” allegations — a hoax that also served as an attempted coup to oust him from office.

After the meeting, in which the president calmly said he wasn’t going to work with Democrats as long as they continued perpetuating the hoax, Pelosi said Trump’s family should do an “intervention” with him because (wait for it) he’s not mentally stable, for which the president responded by calling her “Crazy Nancy.”

“She made horrible statements. She knows they are not true. She made — she said terrible things, so I just responded in kind,” POTUS told reporters.

He also doubled down on his take that Pelosi was the one whose mental capacity should be questioned.

“Look, you think Nancy is the same as she was? She’s not,” he said while adding, “Maybe we can all say that.”

Pelosi is 79 and has had visible difficulty with enunciating words during press conferences for the past few years.

As for the video, NBC News (which was typical of all other ‘mainstream’ reporting) noted:

President Donald Trump on Thursday night tweeted out an edited video showing Nancy Pelosi stumbling over her words, escalating the personal attacks he has made against the Democratic House speaker.

The video, apparently from a segment on Fox Business’ “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” features portions of a 20-minute news conference Pelosi held Thursday in a montage that lasts about 30 seconds. It shows her tripping over her words. At one point in the video, a moment is repeated several times.

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Mind you, the president did not tweet a video of the entire 20-minute press conference; he sent out an edited version — edited to catch many of the instances in which Pelosi obviously stammered through words.

This is something that NBC News eventually acknowledged — way down in the story:

Video on C-SPAN of Pelosi’s full weekly legislative briefing with reporters Thursday shows Pelosi making the same stumbles seen in the clip tweeted by the president. The briefing lasted about 20 minutes.

So, per NBC, POTUS Trump “attacks” Pelosi for tweeting an edited video that accurately captures her stumbling all over the English language and the podium and the reporters covering her rambling.

How’s that for ‘unbiased reporting?’

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3 Comments on POTUS Trump defends his smackdown of Nancy Pelosi against fake news media: ‘She made horrible statements’

  1. I saw the Lou Dobb’s version. The place where something was repeated three times is where she says three, but only holds up two fingers. It was an obvious repeat and probably nobody thought she had donethe re[eat herself. It was to point out two fingers up and the word three spoken.

  2. Paul Harvey Knows // May 25, 2021 at 3:48 pm // Reply

    When someone asks how does Nancy keep getting re-elected? In San Francisco the ballots are in seven different languages.
    Guess who works at her vineyard, restaurants, and hotels? Know you know why she washes their feet.

  3. Nancy Pelosi has the mind of a 3yr old toddler, but the vanity of a seasoned Californian. What a deadly stupid mix.

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