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SUCH hypocrisy: Nancy Pelosi says creepy Joe Biden’s sexual creepiness doesn’t ‘disqualify him’ from being a creepy prez

By Jon Dougherty

As former Vice President “Creepy” Joe Biden’s very sexually creepy past catches up to him thanks to the (very late) revelations by Lucy Flores this week, it’s been interesting and maddening to watch top Democrats pivot, dodge, and dance away from condemning him.

Flores, who ran unsuccessfully for lieutenant governor of Nevada in 2014, wrote in a column for The Cut that Biden was…well, Biden…during a sexually uncomfortable encounter with her before a campaign event in her home state in 2014.

Flores said that Biden unexpectedly sidled up behind her, took a deep inhale of her hair, pulled closer and planted a long, slow kiss atop her head.

But what the heck, huh? After all, this is Joe Biden, in all his creepiness, as has been documented time and time and time again, for years:

Biden being creepy is probably the biggest open secret in Washington, D.C. But now, suddenly, the most powerful woman in the country — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat like Creeper Joe — sees, hears, and speaks no evil when it comes to Barack Obama’s former No. 2.

Notes the Western Journal:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday shrugged off the idea that accusations of inappropriate conduct by former Vice President Joe Biden rule out a White House bid from the candidate currently leading many Democratic presidential polls.

While Flores said she believes Biden’s creepiness should disqualify him from the White House, Pelosi sees no issues.

“No. No, I do not,” Pelosi said when asked that question, according to The Hill.

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“I don’t think that this disqualifies him from being president,” she said as she walked with a media pack trailing her. “Not at all.”

But wait. Didn’t the very same Nancy Pelosi used to care about women being sexually harassed?

Why, yes. She did. As The Washington Post reported:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) was the first female speaker of the House, a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton and a regular advocate for programs that support women and children. In recent weeks, she thanked women who are “stepping up and saying “#MeToo” and criticized longtime Democratic donor Harvey Weinstein, saying his “assaults on women & efforts to silence his victims violate every standard of acceptable behavior.” 

In 2014, she tweeted:

More Post:

In 2011, she quickly called for an ethics investigation into the conduct of former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) after he acknowledged that he had sent a lewd photo from his Twitter account and had “inappropriate” online relationships with a number of women. Pelosi was later one of the strongest voices urging him to step down. She again condemned his behavior when new allegations surfaced during his mayoral campaign.

Then again, Pelosi seems to reserve her “see no evil” act for powerful Democrats, not those who can’t move her party’s agenda forward from the Oval Office. This is what she said in the 1990s when then-President Bill Clinton was being assailed after becoming embroiled in one sex scandal after another:

“Well, I’d like to say that I think that the women of America are speaking out about what they think about this whole situation. And the women of America are just like other Americans, in that they value fairness, they value privacy and do not want to see a person with uncontrolled power, uncontrolled time, uncontrolled — unlimited money investigating the president of the United States.”

She would go on to ‘urge’ Republicans to drop their “double standard” after then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) was only reprimanded by the House Ethics Committee for fibbing about his personal life.

Then again, Clinton lied to federal investigators and Congress, which are felonious acts — hence his subsequent impeachment.

Democrats don’t have the hypocrisy gene. That’s why they can so quickly react in polar opposite fashion to the very same circumstances depending on the situation and especially when it involves other powerful Democrats.

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  1. tRuTh_Be_ToLd // April 4, 2021 at 12:43 am // Reply

    Joe Biden is a “HANDS-ON” kind o’ guy.

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