By Duncan Smith

The Saudis and Iranians have been fighting a proxy war in Yemen, and Joe Biden just chose sides.


Jake Sullivan, his national security adviser, announced Wednesday afternoon that Biden’s handlers have ordered a halt to U.S. support for offensive military actions in Yemen against Iran-backed Houthi rebels, despite them having launched attacks at our Saudi allies.

Meanwhile, Sullivan said that Biden’s handlers have also ‘paused’ sales of weaponry pre-approved for sale to the Saudis during former President Donald Trump’s administration.

The Hill has more:

'That is a promise that he made in the campaign that he will be following through on, but he will go further than that,' Sullivan said while previewing Biden’s speech. 'He will talk about the United States playing a more active and engaged role in the diplomacy to bring an end to the conflict in Yemen, and that will include the naming of a special envoy.'

Sullivan did not say who the special envoy will be, but reports have identified the choice as veteran diplomat Timothy Lenderking.

Biden's announcement will not affect U.S. military operations against Yemen's al Qaeda affiliate because those are 'actions that we undertake in service of protecting the homeland and protecting American interests in the region and our allies and partners,' Sullivan said.

'It extends to the types of offensive operations that have perpetuated this civil war in Yemen that has led to a humanitarian crisis,' Sullivan said of Biden's move, specifically pointing to two sales of precision-guided munitions approved by the Trump administration that the Biden administration has announced it is pausing.

The United States has been providing logistics and military support to a Saudi Arabia-led military coalition in Yemen's civil war, as well as billions of dollars in weapons sales. Last week, the State Department announced it was pausing and reviewing arms sales to the Saudis, as well as to the United Arab Emirates.

The U.S. ended aerial refueling of Saudi fighter planes during the Trump administration after bending to political winds from both parties.

But the former president ramped up support for the Saudis in other ways because he used the oil-rich kingdom as a means of keeping “maximum pressure” on Iran.

Now Biden’s handlers have given his old Iranian friends a break because that’s what today’s Democratic Party does, it supports regimes that support terrorism and destabilization throughout the region.

After four years of President Trump, peace deals broke out between Israel and some of its Arab neighbors.

Biden, who has been working hard to undo Trump’s legacy via executive order, now wants to undo all of that progress as well, making the region far more unstable than it needs to be.

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