(TNS) You may have read this week that opponents challenging a law in New York state allowing illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses was upheld by a federal judge, leading to “long lines” at licensing facilities.

The Hill reported:

A federal judge on Friday denied a challenge to a law that will allow New York to give driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants.

The law, which is set to go into effect next week, was facing its second challenge in court, the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle reports.

U.S. District Judge Gary Sharpe ruled against Rensselaer County Clerk Frank Merola, saying he lacked the legal capacity to bring the lawsuit against the state over the new law.

Three other lawsuits are either pending or are on appeal, but NY state officials implemented it on Monday anyway because no court had issued a stay until the matter can be settled once and for all.

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The Bongino Report made a great political argument, countering the long-held Democrat claim that requiring people to get a photo ID before being allowed to vote was too big a hurdle for them to overcome, or something like that.

The Bongino Report followed that tweet up with this one:

Yes. Yes, it is insane.

More than one Twitter user voiced a similar opinion as well as some version of, “Why aren’t federal immigration officials here rounding people up?”

That’s a great question to which there is no good answer.

New York jurisdictions may claim to be “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens, forbidding their own local law enforcement officers from cooperating with federal immigration officials or helping enforce federal immigration laws.

Got it. But why the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency wasn’t at these licensing facilities in force is a mystery.

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We still have a country, a functioning system of government. We have the rule of law that House Democrats have been clinging to as their supposed reason for impeaching President Trump.

In our Constitution there is a passage known as the “Supremacy Clause,” which, according to the Cornell Law School, “establishes that the federal constitution, and federal law generally, take precedence over state laws, and even state constitutions. It prohibits states from interfering with the federal government’s exercise of its constitutional powers, and from assuming any functions that are exclusively entrusted to the federal government.”

So, if ICE had shown up at these NY motor vehicle locations where scores of illegal aliens were lined up seeking driver’s licenses, there isn’t anything that NY authorities could have done about it.

And frankly, that’s exactly what should have happened.

We can either keep the republic bequeathed to us by our founders…or not. There is no middle ground.

Allowing these blatant violations of federal law to continue simply unravels the fabric of civil society. At some point, we won’t be able to recover.

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