As Trump considers declaring a national emergency at border, analyst worries Mexico heading to ‘failed state’ status

After years of escalating violence among rival drug and human smuggling cartels, a new analysis of conditions in Mexico says the country’s government is in a “fragile” state and is on the verge of failing, which would have major security implications for the United States.

“Mexico is a fragile state, and without action, faces the risk of becoming a failing, or worse, a failed state,” writes Alexander Grinberg, a U.S. Army officer and expert in defense policy and strategy.

Noting that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development defines a fragile state as one that is “unable or unwilling to perform the functions necessary for poverty reduction, the promotion of development, protection of the population and the observance of human rights,” he goes onto point out that a decade ago U.S. Joint Forces Command expressed concern that the Mexican government had the potential to collapse completely.

Grinberg also noted that just last year, because of escalating cartel-related violence, the U.S. State Department was compelled to issue travel warnings for five of Mexico’s 32 states.

“Many other states are still considered dangerous, and the U.S. State Department has advised American tourists caution if not total reconsideration,” he writes, adding that the Mexican government has simply been unable to control the cartels or curb the violence and internecine warfare.

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Failed status? like say 22 trillion dollars in debt and missing 21 trillion through fraudulent government agencies? hmm what country’s government has that FAILED STATUS?? which country could it be??

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