Lefty lawyer Lawrence Tribe triggered — and frightened — after seeing pro-Trump ad during World Series (Video)

(TNS) President Trump may have been booed by some louts at Game 5 of the World Series, but his 2020 reelection campaign scored bigly in Game 7.

That’s when the campaign’s manager, Brad Parscale, decided to run an ad for the president that was, in the words of one Lefty lawyer, “brilliant.”

Here’s the ad:

And here’s the reaction from liberal lawyer Lawrence Tribe:

Now, how much attention the lunatics in the Garbage Party will pay to the Trump campaign’s ad and other “brilliant” ones to follow is anyone’s guess. Ours is that they’ll simply blow it off as more evidence Trump is an ‘ogre’ who ‘discriminates’ against ‘people of color’ he doesn’t like, and yada, yada, yada.

And yes, it does look like the Garbage Party is going to make exactly the same mistake they did in 2016 — allow their hatred to cloud reality (and judgment) by wildly underestimating the Trumpster.

Nothing is a given. There are not many lay-ups in political races — unless you’re a voter from San Francisco who blindly pulls the lever for Nancy Pelosi — after weaving through piles of human excrement, dodging the rats, stepping through the used drug needles, and around the homeless camps.

But we can’t see any clear and present Democrat danger to POTUS heading into next year. The impeachment thing is only going to solidify his support and, more likely, win him new support from the small percentage of Democrat fence-sitters who are sick and tired of their party’s policy — which is, ‘Do nothing except thwart and attack Donald Trump.’

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The comments demonstrate a fear and denial in the left. They seem to still think Trump is an anomaly. He’s not! He’s the real deal and he’s going to win the 2020.

Trump’s experience in business and show-business makes him perfect for the gig. Can you imagine rump-ranger ButtGag dealing with the issues that Trump deals with … China, The Middle East … N Korea … the massive American economy … the world of finance ….

Alfred E Buttgag is not the queer for the job. Neither are any of the current wogs of the left.


The sneering left is too arrogant to even know when to be afraid. That’s why they keep embarrassing themselves over and over. But the more they verbalize their hatred of Trump, the bigger he’ll win in 2020, especially if they badmouth their fellow Americans at the same time. We’re tired of the abuse, and the revenge vote is sweet just to see them scream at the sky for 4 more years.


I’ve only voted for Regan and Trump. I’ve despised every single buttclown in between.

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