By Duncan Smith

If it looks and smells like BS…

As we reported earlier, the mainstream media is going all out in a coordinated effort to ‘explain’ just how President Donald Trump lost and Joe Biden ‘won’ following last month’s stolen election.

Though The Wall Street Journal won the ‘media whopper of the day’ by trying to convince readers Biden got a huge chunk of the military vote in Georgia (handing Trump his loss there, cough, cough), here comes USA Today trying to tell us why so few ballots got rejected this year in the deep, dark blue Democrat stronghold of Philadelphia.

To wit:

In Philadelphia, the feared avalanche of naked ballots arrived well dressed.

Election officials in October worried that up to 40,000 ballots would be rejected in the general election because they had not been put into a secrecy envelope before being mailed in a second envelope. So-called naked ballots are a common mistake that can invalidate votes.

But in Philadelphia County’s 2020 general election, the wave of rejections did not happen. High-profile lawsuits, saturation news coverage and a social media campaign featuring nearly nude messages from actors Sarah Silverman and Sacha Baron Cohen— in his role as Borat — brought naked ballot rejections in Philadelphia County down to a paltry 3,061 as of late November.

Philadelphia’s final mail ballot rejection numbers are still being sorted out, along with other counties and states. It could be spring before the full number of rejected ballots is known.

However, early numbers in certain counties across the country show that local election officials, lawmakers and advocacy groups appear to have slammed the brakes on what could have been a national disaster: Instead of rising, the number of rejected mail ballots unexpectedly plummeted in several regions, including large counties key to statewide wins, such as Miami-Dade in Florida and Maricopa in Arizona.

Whew! Crisis averted!

Thank God the powers that be were visionary enough to do a public service blitz…this year, of all years, mind you!

Oh, but that was because of the massive number of new mail-in ballots this time around, right?

Sure. And the 99-percent turnout rates in many districts in ‘key battleground states’ is just a stroke of good luck too. Nothing to see here.

What a load of dung.

Make no mistake: This election was stolen from President Trump, period.

Anyone with a functional brain stem knows that, USA Today and WSJ ‘explainers’ aside.

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