2020 Dems trash pharmaceutical companies but are now imploring them to come up with a coronavirus vaccine

In the end, even a political charlatan loves American capitalism

By Tank Murdoch

(TNS) In a play off an old joke, how do you know when a Democrat is being a hypocrite? Their lips are moving.

There isn’t a 2020 Democratic presidential candidate who hasn’t trashed “Big Pharma” companies as corporate versions of Cruella DeVille, unconcerned about life and the quality of life but drive purely by the amount of money they can extract from the healthcare industry and patients.

In July 2019, for instance, Sen. Bernie Sanders, who never met a Commie dictator about which he couldn’t find something positive to say, actually compared pharmaceutical companies to murderers.

The Washington Times noted:

During an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate compared increasing insulin prices for diabetic patients to the act of murder, repeating statements he reportedly made during a recent fundraiser in Michigan.

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“This is a philosophical issue we have to deal with,” he told CNN ahead of the second Democratic primary debate this Tuesday and Wednesday in Detroit where healthcare is expected to be a major topic.

He’s also complained about ‘Big Pharma greed.’

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, when she isn’t faking Native American heritage and lying about not putting her kid in a private school, has been busy calling pharmaceutical companies “cartels” that need to be broken up — a direct comparison to the real drug cartels south of the border that poison and kill our people with illegal drugs.

Her “solution” is to let th’ gubbermint get into the drug-making business so they can produce ‘cheaper generic drugs.’ It would be much easier to get the government out of the way so that existing pharmaceutical companies could more inexpensively manufacture generics, of course. Or perhaps approve legislation that would allow for the importation of cheaper generic drugs, which would lead to competition here at home and overall cheaper drug prices for all.

But we digress.

My, how things change when Democrats sense a political opportunity to, say, hammer President Donald Trump over an issue.

The coronavirus is about as far from a “pandemic” in the U.S. as it can get, there having only been 60 cases diagnosed (as of this writing) thus far — and two-thirds of those cases involve American passengers evacuated from an ‘infected’ cruise ship that docked near Japan.

But Democrats including 2020 presidential contenders are already hammering the administration — and the pharmaceutical industry — for a “vaccine” to protect everyone from certain demise. Yes, those murdering cartels.

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There is a catch, though: They want the White House to guarantee that the vaccine will only cost a certain amount — before it’s even been developed, meaning, there is no way at this point to know how much a vaccine will ultimately cost because the costs to develop, make, and ship it haven’t been determined yet.

The Epoch Times reported:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), noting that “lives are at stake,” said Congress should make sure the government has the resources to combat the virus. Speaking at her weekly press conference on Capitol Hill, she said that Congress is getting close to a bipartisan agreement on funding for the virus response.

Pelosi and Schumer said in a joint statement that Democrats are worried that Trump would try to transfer some of the funding that Congress approves for something else, and aim to make sure that doesn’t happen. They also want the cost of a vaccine, if one is developed successfully, fixed at a certain amount…

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar had to explain to Democrats on Wednesday that the market, not posturing Leftists, will determine cost (and if this virus is so out of control and we’re all about to die, does cost really matter?).

“We can’t control that price because we need the private sector to invest. The priority is to get vaccines and therapeutics. Price controls won’t get us there,” he said.

Well, right. Because price controls don’t ever work. Profits, incentive, competition, and markets are things all things that speed along technological development and medical advancement.

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And thank goodness we still have those capitalist principles in the U.S. because, lo and behold, a new coronavirus vaccine has already been developed and has entered the testing phase. It’ll take a year-and-a-half, say Trump administration officials, but there is one on the way. We’re saved.

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But strip away all the posturing and nonsense about ‘price controls, and what we’re left with is yet another glaring example of Democrat hypocrisy — proving, again, that when the rubber meets the road, even a political charlatan, deep down, realizes how fortunate they are to be Americans and not, say, Chinese.



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Vaccine —lol. No thanks, keep your future payload. I’ll bug in, and watch what happens from booneyville. Eat my steaks, and berries from a safe distance.

I’m conservative. I’ve read enough from naturalnews.com about vaccines. They’re BS.


Create a disease, sell a fake cure. Excellent business model for satanic abominations.

Bernie's Marxist Bros.
Bernie's Marxist Bros.

The Socialist Virus has killed a Billion People.


Remember when they started peddling those psychotropic drugs?

Think back. Now also think back to when we started seeing mass casualty mkultra hypno-zombie school shooters.

Yep, there are many other people putting two and two together. Those drug peddlers in suits are no better than the drug peddlers on the streets, if you ask me. There are also court cases proving vaccines cause harm. Take a step back, and recognize evil.

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