By Duncan Smith

The FBI must be broken up, disbanded, and forbidden by law from ever becoming a ‘law enforcement agency’ again.

It’s time to stop saying things like, “yeah, but, but, the vast majority of line agents are good people!’

Bulls**t. The agency is corrupt from top to bottom.

And it didn’t improve one iota under the most decent, honest, America First president we’ve ever had since the colonial days: Donald Trump.

Kyle Becker of Becker News has more:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation knowingly violated the Constitution to track down potential ‘racially motivated violent extremists.’ But the FBI didn’t conduct its unconstitutional dragnet following the January 6th Capitol riots, it actually started its probe in November — in the midst of a contested election.

A newly declassified report shows that the FBI pursued extremists in November that would fit the profile of future Capitol rioters by tapping into a National Security Agency database that trawls and records Americans’ communications.

“The FBI’s requests for access to masses of electronic communications harvested by the National Security Agency (NSA) is revealed in a newly declassified report from the United States’ secret surveillance court,” the Daily Mail reported on Monday.

“It shows the FBI has continued to perform warrantless searches through the NSA’s most sensitive databases for routine criminal investigations, despite being told by a federal judge in 2018 and 2019 that such a use was an unconstitutional breach of privacy,” the report continued.

“NSA is the lead agency in making targeting decisions under Section 702,” the report says. “It may not task a selector without first determining that the target is reasonably believed to be a non-U.S. person outside the United States (a ‘foreignness determination’).”

“In other words, the FBI continues to perform warrantless searches through the NSA’s most sensitive databases—the ones the NSA is not required to get warrants before filling with communications information—for routine criminal investigations that are supposed to require warrants,” the Daily Beast reported.

It is time to disband the FBI and start arresting people for using their power to go after political enemies, period.

If Biden’s DoJ won’t do it — and it won’t — it may just be time for Americans to start opting out of a system that is obviously thoroughly hopelessly corrupt.

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