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Federal agents reinvestigating Syrian refugees Obama let in to make sure they are properly vetted

This will be on Obama if one of these people turns out to be an ISIS terrorist

(NationalSentinel) The Trump administration is reexamining some Syrian refugees brought into the country during the waning Obama years because some of them may not have been properly vetted for national security purposes.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, federal officials are trying to make sure that Obama didn’t let terrorists in:

Federal agents are reinvestigating the backgrounds of dozens of Syrian refugees already in the United States after discovering a lapse in vetting that allowed some who had potentially negative information in their files to enter the country, two U.S. law enforcement officials said.

Agents have not concluded that any of the refugees should have been rejected for entry, but the apparent glitch — which was discovered in late 2015 and corrected last year — prevented U.S. officials who conducted background checks on the refugees from learning about possible “derogatory” information about them, the two officials said. At a minimum, the intelligence would have triggered further investigation that could have led some asylum applications to be rejected.

Cases under review include one Syrian refugee who failed a polygraph test when he applied to work at a U.S. military installation overseas. Another may have actually been in communication with a leader of the Islamic State.

While the investigations began during the Obama administration, clearly the Trump team does not trust their outcomes and the president has decided that federal law enforcement and intelligence officials should take yet another look.


The Times noted further:

…[T] he vetting gap raises questions about the Syrian refugee screening process, which the Obama administration had often described as exhaustive and rigorous, but which President Trump has criticized as a national security risk.

President Obama ramped up the acceptance of Syrians last year to address the humanitarian crisis in that country, admitting 15,479 Syrian refugees, a 606% increase over the 2,192 admitted in 2015. Since the civil war started, the U.S. has accepted more than 18,000 Syrians seeking asylum, according to the State Department.

No wonder President Trump has put a moratorium on admitting refugees from terrorism-infested hell holes overseas.

Two things come immediately to mind. One, Obama knew of the vetting lapses; and two, he authorized entry for more Syrian refugees after learning of the vetting problems.

Does this sound rational to you? Does this sound like a president who had American citizens (of any political ideology) best interests in mind?

If one of these Syrian refugees turns out to be a terrorist for ISIS and American lives are lost, Obama and his secretaries of state, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, are responsible for them.

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