Trump refused to notify Garbage Party leaders ahead of al-Baghdadi raid: ‘Washington is a leak machine and I didn’t want to lose men and women’ in combat

(TNS) President Trump gave the order over the past 24 hours to take out the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who apparently died like a little bitch when U.S. Special Ops were bearing down on him after slaying several members of his band of terrorist shitheads.

It was another win for the president but more than anything it was a win for Americans, Europeans, and Middle Easterners who have been terrorized by these douchebag Caliphate wannabes for the past several years.

But the president did not notify all members of Congress before he gave the order for the operation into northern Syria to begin.

And why? Because too many Garbage Party fucksticks think it’s funny to leak information to their butt buddies in the “mainstream media” so they can embarrass this president, and the commander-in-chief didn’t want word of the operation to get out, thus endangering the lives of the special operators he was sending to take down al-Bagdadi the Bitch.

That decision says everything about the kind of leader our president is, for sure.

But it also serves as a damning indictment of Democrats who, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, would rather see our brothers and sisters in uniform come home in flag-draped coffins to embarrass the president than keep their fucking mouths shut about military ops.

This is what the Garbage Party has become. If these pricks were around during World War II and opposed FDR’s war plans, they would have leaked the details of D-Day just to ‘get’ him.

President Trump knows this, and thank God he is now acting accordingly.


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The Donald, should be excluding the G-Party from everything. They are the enemy and will do harm to Americans.

Best to leave them out of things. They are busy producing bile and contempt. They don’t have time to help govern.


President Trump has a high I.Q. Most of these leftist sniveling dirtfaggots ( in the news media ) are deep state buttclowns with two-digit I.Q.’s

I cut the cord on these satanic asswhores and presstitutes.

The best thing President Trump could do with newsfaggots, is blacklist them, and yank their press credentials. Any complaints, cut off their heads. Won’t hear any bitching after that.

A big FU to cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, nbc, ap, npr. Big FU!

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