By Duncan Smith

Rank-and-file Republicans looked on in disgust and anger after a majority of their GOP legislators voted to re-install RINO Liz Cheney of Wyoming as the party’s No. 3 in the House — after she voted to support the Democrats’ BS second impeachment of now-former President Donald Trump.

For many of those rank-and-file, that was the last straw.

And, according to a new survey, if Trump decides that he wants to start a new political party that would no doubt be fashioned after his policies — which used to be the policies of the Republican Party — the GOP’s voting base would abandon ship for Trump, leaving just a rump RINO party that would never again be the majority.

The Washington Examiner has more:

A majority of Republican voters would likely join a new political party if former President Donald Trump starts one, a national survey of Republicans found.

Sixty-four percent of Republicans said they would be inclined toward joining a Trump-formed party like the 'MAGA Party' or the 'Patriot Party.' Among that figure, 32% said they would be very likely to join one. Thirty-six percent of respondents said they would be either somewhat or very unlikely to leave the GOP.

The survey was conducted among 340 registered Republicans between Jan. 28-29, with a margin of error of plus or minus 5.3 points.

Fifteen percent of Democrats and 28% of independents would be inclined to join the theoretical Trump-centered party, the poll found.

'These numbers show that despite the Capitol riots Trump remains a political force to be reckoned with,' said Dritan Nesho, CEO and chief pollster at HarrisX. 'He benefits from a diverse base of support making up over a third of voters, voters who are attracted to him on a number of issues that are yet to be properly addressed by, and coopted by, Democratic and Republican elites.

'If Trump were to split from the GOP and create his own party, polling suggests he might well create the second largest political party in the country, knocking the GOP down to third place,' Nesho added.

WARNING to the GOP: Keep dumping on your base at your peril. Trump’s political instincts are excellent; if he seriously believes he could make a go of it with a new party in his image, he’ll do it.

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