Mainstream media already downplaying upcoming DoJ IG report by Horowitz as finding ‘no political bias’ in Spygate, but this looks like a giant smokescreen

(TNS) Late Friday, The New York Times and the Washington Post dutifully published leaked information claiming that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report, due out Dec. 9, will contain few “bombshells.”

What’s more, these not-so-trustworthy news sources report, the top dogs in the FBI and DoJ who were involved in launching the Spygate scandal to depose President Donald Trump — James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, et al — are going to escape unscathed.

First, the Times:

A highly anticipated report by the Justice Department’s inspector general is expected to sharply criticize lower-level F.B.I. officials as well as bureau leaders involved in the early stages of the Trump-Russia investigation, but to absolve the top ranks of abusing their powers out of bias against President Trump, according to people briefed on a draft. … 

Investigators for the inspector general, Michael E. Horowitz, uncovered errors and omissions in documents related to the wiretapping of a former Trump campaign adviser, Carter Page — including that a low-level lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, altered an email that officials used to prepare to seek court approval to renew the wiretap, the people said.

Mr. Horowitz referred his findings about Mr. Clinesmith to prosecutors for a potential criminal charge. Mr. Clinesmith left the Russia investigation in February 2018 after the inspector general identified him as one of a handful of F.B.I. officials who expressed animus toward Mr. Trump in text messages and resigned about two months ago, after the inspector general’s team interviewed him.

Now for the part about Comey & Co. being cleared:

In particular, while Mr. Horowitz criticizes F.B.I. leadership for its handling of the highly fraught Russia investigation in some ways, he made no finding of politically biased actions by top officials Mr. Trump has vilified like the former F.B.I. director James B. Comey; Andrew G. McCabe, the former deputy who temporarily ran the bureau after the president fired Mr. Comey in 2017; and Peter Strzok, a former top counterintelligence agent.

Then the Post:

As Sean Davis from The Federalist reminds us, this is a narrative being put forth, nothing more. We don’t have the final IG report, yet:

Interesting, isn’t it, how any information that might hurt President Trump leaks freely and often, but for some reason we still don’t “officially” know the name of the Ukraine whistleblower (though you can bet every single news organization in D.C. is aware of who he is and has been for months).

Remember that Horowitz’s report has been delayed time and time again. Also, as Rush Limbaugh has pointed out, Horowitz is a swamp guy so we shouldn’t expect too much from him (and why did Sen. Lindsey Graham announce the upcoming release date? Why is Horowitz slated to appear before his Judiciary Committee two days later but this guy hasn’t called a single Spygate witness all year after promising to do so?).

But keep in mind a couple of things: One, the Times and Post are virulently anti-Trump and they are duly putting forth a pre-determined narrative; and two, we think our aces in the hole are Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham.

Recall, too, that last month Barr announced that Durham’s ‘review’ of Spygate’s origins had turned into a criminal probe.

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There are a lot of moving parts that we can’t see. A lot of deep staters jockeying for position.

Just because Horowitz doesn’t make any actual criminal referrals doesn’t mean that there won’t be any criminal indictments. It could be Barr is giving Horowitz maneuvering room to keep him free from Democrat allegations of “partisanship” in the midst of an impeachment inquiry — because if/when there are indictments, that’s going to be what the Garbage Party will claim…Trump is merely taking out his anger over impeachment on ‘innocent public servants.’

We know that Comey’s FBI used the bogus Steele dossier to obtain FISA court warrants.

We know that House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) has the goods on the guilty parties.

And we believe that AG Barr is a man who is sickened by what Obama did to his Justice Department.

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Looks like Horror-witz is bucking for ‘asshole of year’ award. The long-awaited excusing of the deep state, FBI division. What horse-shit. America needs a fucking revolution.

And don’t expect much better from the Barr/Durham bullshit tour either.

What needs to happen is, fucking near everyone in the higher offices of the intelligence departments need to be fired and replaced with Trump-patriots.


Horowitz was appointed by Obama. Why would any Democrat accusations of partisanship even be credible. The deep state has yet again prevailed.


Apologies for the double post. Computer error.

Christian Gains

There has not been a SINGLE CASE that Horowitz has not found a WAY to OBFUSCATE the TRUTH! CLEARLY, he’s a PAID LACKEY of the “SeS, {not-elected}, Bureaucrats’ SOCIETY”; AND!! He has NO INTENTION of even THINKING of TOUCHING any “upper level” “coup member”!! Which simply means that A.G. Barr is in charge of “COVERING THE TRAIL OF THE “COUP OPERATORS”!! (JUST AS HE DID WITH RUBY RIDGE, &, WACO!!! Durham’s CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION is a “CON”….The ACTUAL JOB these two have been assigned by (PROBABLY C.I.A. Brannan), is to MAKE CERTAIN that NOBODY…(in the COUP)..goes to Court, much LESS Jail!!!… Read more »


The MSM will be in Awe when the public executions by Military Firing Squad begin.

James McCarthy
James McCarthy

horowitz isn’t there to expose malfeasance, he’s there to cover it up, geeze, wasn’t his last report evidence enough ?


I’ve been saying for almost 2 yrs that Horowitz and Huber have been using their time destroying, altering and redacting any actionable evidence against any of the myriad of treasonous actors so much that only a few will suffer a slap on the wrist and a transfer to a better position. Sessions to Whitaker to Barr, the perfect double play and the deep state keeps on ticking.

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