Gowdy: The only reason Joe Biden looks ‘moderate’ is because he’s being compared to a communist, Sanders

Neither would do well in states where Trump won in 2016

By Editors

(TNS) Former South Carolina Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy noted during an evening Super Tuesday interview on Fox News that people shouldn’t consider former Vice President Joe Biden a “moderate” Democrat, because he’s being compared to a bona fide, dyed-in-the-wool Communist sympathizer in Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Gowdy initially commented that Biden is nearly 80 years old and that he wasn’t sure supporters of his nearest competitor, Sanders, would “enthusiastically” back him in November were he to actually capture his party’s nomination.

The former lawmaker also noted that Biden was helped in key southern states like South Carolina after being endorsed by leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus, but neither he nor Sanders would pick up those states in a general election against President Donald Trump this fall.

In Florida in particular, Sanders’ “recent flirtations with Fidel Castro” — a reference to Sanders’ high praise of the Communist dictator in recent days — would not serve him well.

Plus, Gowdy said the Democratic establishment “beat the hell out of” Sanders for two weeks prior to Super Tuesday, hammering him on his “electability” against Trump and how his far-Left views would hamper “down-ballot” Democrats running for Congress, even, perhaps, helping Republicans recapture the House.

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“He had about 10 days of people waxing about how bad he would be if he were the nominee,” Gowdy said.

Gowdy added that right now, Biden is benefitting from his characterization in the mainstream media and by the Democratic establishment that he’s a “moderate.”

“But so would the rest of the universe compared to Bernie Sanders,” Gowdy said. “Folks in South Carolina don’t think of Joe Biden as being ‘moderate.’ He’s a liberal Democrat except when you compare him to Bernie Sanders.”

The former congressman also said that watching Biden makes him “more nervous than watching Lindsey Graham in a spelling bee” — a playful shot at his former South Carolina Senate colleague and a reference to Biden’s frequent gaffes.



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I hope you all riot and cause mayhem after President Trump wins 2020, so people like me can arrest you, and send you all to GITMO.


Gowdy. Lolllllollllolll —GTFO, do nothing bastard.

I Came, I Saw... I Slurrrred
I Came, I Saw... I Slurrrred

Biden actually looks even smart if you compare him to a diaper full of steaming diarrhea.

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