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Pompeo meets with CENTCOM over Iran as anti-Semite and America hater Ilhan Omar blames the U.S. (and Trump) for tanker attacks

By Jon Dougherty (NationalSentinel) Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed details of his meeting with military officials at U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) in Tampa, Fla., on Tuesday to discuss the escalating tensions with Iran following…

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House Dems’ lawsuit against POTUS border wall funding hits a legal wall: A federal judge

POTUS Trump opens door for talks but Iranian president slams it shut: ‘Only resistance’

Perfect: As threats from Russia, China grow, DEMS now want to politicize the defense budget because…border wall

Pentagon eyes long-term border support: ‘We’re not leaving until it’s secure’

Build it: Pentagon chief just approved additional money for POTUS Trump’s border wall

Escalation: Trump to send ARMED U.S. troops to border after incident with Mexican soldiers

Pentagon examining military rules of engagement after U.S. troops disarmed by Mexican army in Texas

A fed-up POTUS orders thousands of additional U.S. troops to border with Mexico

POTUS Trump considers more troops for U.S. border as New Mexico city pleads for help

While Russia, China perfect anti-satellite weapons, Congress throwing roadblocks up over creation of Space Force

Report: Marines’ TOP general let internal memo leak opposing Trump’s use of Pentagon funds for border wall

House fails to override POTUS veto of bill blocking emergency border declaration; Pentagon shifts $1 billion for wall

Oh, look! Pentagon ‘finds’ $12.8 billion for Trump’s border wall

Pompeo to Philippines: U.S. will honor mutual defense treaty if attacked by China

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