Trump EPA erases another major Obama-era climate rule that was decimating coal-fired power plants

By Jon Dougherty (NationalSentinel) The Trump administration on Friday further rolled back an Obama-era climate rule that imposed strict emissions standards on coal-fired plants — standards that, if left in place, would have led to…

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Despite all the naysayers who are bashing President Trump’s tariffs, import costs to the U.S. FELL in May

Wait, what? Landmark study claims electric cars make Earth DIRTIER than diesel engines

‘Queen’ Kamala would use govt. to force Americans to ‘change their behavior’ due to ‘climate change’

More RINOs caving on climate change hoax: ‘It’s just not worth the fight anymore’

Solar attacks on U.S. power grid cost $10 billion a year; ‘we are still incredibly vulnerable’

Dems launch probe into Trump admin’s nuclear ‘dealings’ with Saudis as part of new harassment push?

Great again: Texas oil production reaches new records to offset OPEC, Venezuela disruptions

Epic fail: Bernie Sanders’ Vermont tried ‘Green New Deal’ energy plan and emissions INCREASED

Former Hillary adviser Mark Penn on Green New Deal: ‘This would ruin America’

Like Obama lied about Obamacare, Ocasio-Cortez advisor caught LYING about her ‘Green New Deal’ plan

Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Green New Deal’ roll-out was so amateurish and bad her own staff had to take down the Web page

Expert: ‘Green New Deal’ will actually curb development of green energy

Dems launch ‘Green New Deal’ as AOC staffer reveals it’s not about climate but stealing ‘wealth’

U.S. cybersecurity experts scrambling to ‘bolt on fixes’ to aging, vulnerable infrastructure

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