On Trump’s orders, Pentagon launches cyber attacks on Iranian military infrastructure

What role did John Kerry play in Iran’s attacks on foreign tankers and the downing of an American surveillance drone?

U.S. likely to strike back at Iran after drone shoot-down as Trump admin ‘tightens screws’ on terrorist regime

In a world of nukes, bioweapons, and narco-terrorists, U.S. MUST reform its intelligence capabilities

POTUS Trump makes it clear regarding Iranian involvement in tanker attacks: Tehran ‘DID do it’ and ‘we have video’

Not the war we want: The coming ‘shadow war’ with Iran

Lindsey Graham: ‘No Democrat will win nomination without calling for POTUS Trump’s impeachment’

Perfect: As threats from Russia, China grow, DEMS now want to politicize the defense budget because…border wall

Pulitzer winner says Trump ‘broke the brains’ of ‘a lot of people’ with his steadfast resistance to coup attempt

A fed-up POTUS orders thousands of additional U.S. troops to border with Mexico

Concerns rise over U.S., Russia ‘stumbling into war’ — and we can thank Democrats’ ‘collusion’ hoax for them

While Russia, China perfect anti-satellite weapons, Congress throwing roadblocks up over creation of Space Force

Trump’s military: Army to scrap rifle qualification ‘shortcut’ that made soldiers LESS accurate and lethal

Satellite photos identify secret Chinese anti-satellite laser station

China turning its massive shipping container fleet into warships with long-range cruise missiles

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