Civil Rights

How come government can read our emails, require a Real ID to travel, and listen to our calls — but can’t ask about citizenship?

Male student backhands myth of ‘toxic masculinity,’ warns about real threat of toxic feminism

Oh, look: Another Democrat with a history of racist, homophobic tweets was just promoted

The REAL speech Nazis: YouTube’s new censorship purge BANS videos that talk about illegal immigrants

Pro-gun physician’s group advises: Don’t tell your doctor ANYTHING about your firearms

Pediatric endocrinologist says ‘transgender therapy’ is dangerous to kids; backed by no real ‘science’

Stupid: Facebook bans user for entire MONTH over mischaracterizing a simple “A-OK” hand gesture

Gay U.S. ambassador defends VEEP Pence from Mayor Pete’s ‘hate hoax’ attacks

Defense against tyranny? Not a single ‘illegal’ firearm magazine turned into New Jersey state police after 10-round ban

Chick-fil-A should consider legal options after ‘cultural fascism’ drives franchises from airports

Female HS student files federal civil rights complaint over sharing locker room with transgender: ‘I felt violated’

Leftists on Colorado’s Civil Rights Commission drop discrimination charge against Christian baker

Orwellian: Federal court rules no justification needed to place anyone on a “suspicious persons” list

So Virginia’s Democratic AG admits he ‘wore blackface’ years ago; the REAL problem is Left-wing race hypocrisy

Judicial activist judge rules against Trump admin rules, forces nuns to pay for abortion

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