By Duncan Smith

Increasingly angry parents are showing up more and more to local school board meetings.

Why? They are sick and tired of their kids being taught hate and other garbage pushed on them by Marxist teachers unions and accepted as ‘normal’ by elected school boards.

In response to recent incidents of angry parents showing up to vent (and some getting arrested) a left-wing school board association implored Joe Biden to sic his Justice Department and FBI on parents.

Biden complied — well, the shadow leftists running the show did. AG Merrick Garland announced Monday his department and the FBI will be ‘looking into’ parental ‘threats’ and violence with an eye toward charging them with ‘domestic terrorism.’

If that ain’t police state tyranny, nothing is.

But it’s not going to work.

These lunatic Marxists have messed with children, the most precious things on the planet to a parent, and now their wrath will force changes around the country — and there is nothing the leftists can do, as noted by Townhall:

Parents are sick and tired of leftists controlling their child's education, which is why there needs to be a nationwide push for school choice. Leading Democrats and teachers unions think that a student's zip code should determine their future, but the vast majority of Americans don't agree. Every parent should be able to take their child's education dollars where they wish.

There's no doubt that as teachers unions continue to show us their true colors, more and more parents will think twice about keeping their kids in traditional public schools. In states that give parents a choice, the number of students transferring out of public schools continues to rise.

In a way, all of us should be thankful to Randi Weingarten and her allies. Their arrogance has created a movement of millions of Americans who want to see the teachers unions' monopoly in education come to an end. 

What we've witnessed so far is only the beginning. Parents everywhere are sending a clear message: They've had enough of traditional public schools controlled by teachers unions. 


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