By Duncan Smith

New York City has been turned into a disaster area by the current mayor, communist Bill de Blasio.

Crime is rampant. The economy is in shambles. Vaccine mandates continue to make life miserable for most New Yorkers.

And did we mention that the school system sucks?

For millions of New Yorkers, de Blasio’s last day in office can’t come fast enough.

But if he is replaced by former NYPD Capt. Eric Adams — and it looks like he will be — that’s not going to sit well with the woketards of NYC.

The Western Journal has details:

Educators running for the doors, students running the classroom, school shutdowns, vaccine mandates and resource redistribution continue to plague the most segregated yet overly funded school system in the nation. The next mayor of New York will inherit a system that is already broken, but will they have any success in turning it around?

Former NYPD captain and mayoral front-runner Eric Adams has positioned himself as a man of law and order.

He favors improving police forces from the inside out rather than defunding them. He understands that raising taxes in the city will only create an exodus of high earners and make it more difficult for the city and state to be able to hire teachers, police officers and public workers. He has spoken vehemently against identity politics, calling out his more progressive counterparts for empty promises.

Adams appears to be one of the few reasonable Democrats left in the flock. He has the potential to serve New York City with just what it needs: radical centrist policies.

The Marxists, commies, and socialists who have ruled the roost under de Blasio are going to hate Eric Adams.

And that’s a very good thing for New Yorkers, even if they don’t think so.

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