By Duncan Smith

Looks like Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is getting some support from an unlikely source: Megan McCain.

Oh, we get it that McCain is from Arizona like Sinema, and that her late father served as a U.S. senator from that state as well for decades.

But in this era of hyper-partisan hate and disaffection, anytime there is crossover, it is noteworthy.

You may have heard that Sinema isn’t a fan of the Democrat spend-o-rama that fake president Joe Biden wants rammed through Congress.

So the left-wing lunatics who make up the lunatic faction of the Garbage Party have taken to harassing her.

In a bathroom at Arizona State University, where Sinema has taught for nearly 20 years.

McCain says that’s not only uncool but may even have been a crime.

The Daily Caller has more:

 McCain McCain slammed the left after a 'disgusting' bathroom accosting of Democrat Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema and argued that the activists 'filmed themselves committing a felony.'

The former Fox News host later posted her column for the Daily Mail under the headline, 'MEGHAN MCCAIN: The revolting scenes of Sen Sinema being abused in a ladies' room show that Democrat progressives have become as toxically intolerant as the Trump regime they despised. But they won't stop Kyrsten standing up for moderate America.'

Megan McCain has her issues — mostly that she hates Donald Trump, which is too bad because he was to conservatives now what Reagan was in the 1980s — but she calls them straight, at least. And it’s good to see someone stand up for Sinema because she deserves to be supported in this case.

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