By Duncan Smith

We figured this would happen and it finally has: The Biden regime is being sued over the Forgetful One’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

And not just by ‘some folks.

Members of the armed forces are suing, along with federal workers.

This needs to happen.

The Daily Wire has more:

A group of federal workers, including several members of the military, are suing the Biden administration over a pair of mandates directing all federal workers and military service members to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

'Americans have remained idle for far too long as our nation's elected officials continue to satisfy their voracious appetites for power,' says the lawsuit, filed by a group of plaintiffs including four Air Force officers and a Secret Service agent, according to The Washington Post.

Ten plaintiffs filed a suit in the U.S. District Court in Washington on September 23, seeking for the judge to place an injunction on President Joe Biden's vaccine mandates that cover all federal workers and contractors, as well as all members of the U.S. military.

The lawsuit argues that the mandates violate religious freedom protections in the First Amendment. Both orders grant exemptions for religious and medical reasons if one can qualify, according to the Post.

Democrats have used this pandemic for political empowerment for more than a year. They’re going to milk it for as long as they can.

But here’s the real problem.

This is just a trial run to see how much they can get away with under the guise of a “health emergency.”

We think guns are gonna be next, under a ‘public health emergency.’

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