By Duncan Smith

Know what’s wrong with Joe Biden’s ‘presidency?’


No, seriously.

The man can’t function, he can’t solve problems, and the Marxists running his regime aren’t pleasing the vast majority of Americans with their far-left nonsensical policies.

Proof: Biden’s numbers keep tanking, and now he’s losing Independents big time, per Breitbart News:

Thirty-eight percent of independents approve of President Joe Biden's performance, according to a Friday Associated Press-NORC poll.

Biden's approval rating among independents is down from 62 percent in July.

Biden has also slipped with Democrats. Eighty-five percent of Democrats approve of Biden on October 1 while 92 percent of Democrats approved of Biden in July. Eleven percent of Republicans approve of Biden, not far from July's number.

Among black Americans, 42 percent approve of Biden, down from 49 percent in July.

Biden's approval has also tanked on the immigration issue. Thirty-five percent approve of Biden's immigration management, eight points lower than April, 'when it was already one of Biden's worst issues,' the poll explains. 'Immigration is a relative low point for Biden within his own party with 60% of Democrats saying they approve, along with 6% of Republicans.'

Sounds like Democrats are in for a washout come next year. We can hardly wait.

But that will make them downright dangerous between now and then.

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