By Duncan Smith

Donald Trump had his detractors, we’re not going to pretend he didn’t.

But we never did believe polls that showed, at this point in his presidency, his approval ratings were already in the 30s.

Trump won states a Republican hasn’t won in years, but suddenly we were supposed to believe he was as popular as Stalin. Right.

Joe Biden, however, is another story.

He legitimately has screwed up our country and embarrassed us on the world stage with his border policies, inflation, and the God-awful withdrawal from Afghanistan, where he, an American ‘president,’ left Americans behind.

And now he’s paying the price, according to CNS News:

A majority of the nation's voters agree that President Joe Biden must resign as a consequence of his handling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

A majority of 55% of voters said they agree that Biden 'must resign,' including 41% who 'strongly' agree. Thirty-nine percent (39%) disagree with the quote from Blackburn, with 29% strongly disagreeing.

Likewise, majorities of voters in all age groups and income categories at least somewhat agree that Biden must resign as a result of his actions.

Biden is worse than a disaster. He is endangering our country. He must resign.

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