By Duncan Smith

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona is a Democrat and a liberal.

She’s just not out of her mind, batshit crazy as a liberal.

She appears to want to legitimately serve her middle-of-the-road-politically constituents, so she doesn’t buy into the far-left Marxism of most of the rest of her party.

And boy, are they peed off at her for it.

But you know who is happy with her?

Her constituents. 

More so, in fact, those of her Democratic Senate colleague, Mark Kelly, according to the Washington Examiner:

Liberals are upset Democratic Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema opposes the $3.5 trillion social welfare package that is on the verge of being stalled indefinitely. But Sinema appears to know exactly what she is doing.

poll from OH Predictive Insights shows Sinema has a higher approval rating in Arizona than fellow Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly. While Kelly is immensely popular among Democrats, his net approval among independents is just +1, while Sinema's is +6.

Sinema's approval rating of 40% among Republicans is double that of Kelly. Overall, Sinema's net approval rating is +7, while Kelly's is +4.

If the far-left Democrat mob on Capitol Hill thinks that Krysten Sinema is going to bend to their whim over representing her constituents, they must be high or something.

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