By Duncan Smith

It’s become more and more evident that in the age of Donald Trump, the last apolitical American institution — the military — is becoming just another political arm of the Marxist deep state.

Case in point: The Marines are punishing heroes.

Just this week, Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, was tossed into the brig earlier this week for speaking out against senior Pentagon leaders against direct orders.

Late last month, Scheller was relieved of his battalion command after posting a video questioning military leaders over the handling of the deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan which left 11 fellow Marines dead along with two U.S. Army soldiers and a Navy corpsman.

Now, it appears as though the military-industrial complex is going after another hero Marine, per Conservative Brief:

A U.S. Marine seen in an iconic photo pulling an Afghan infant over a barricade at the international airport in Kabul last month just days before the chaotic pullout from that country after 20 years of war is now under investigation by the service branch for attending one of former President Donald Trump's rallies.

Task & Purpose adds:

Lance Cpl. Hunter Clark was one of nearly 6,000 U.S. troops tasked with guarding the airport last month as thousands of desperate people tried to get in to escape the Taliban. On Sept. 25, Clark appeared on stage with Trump for just under a minute at a 'Save America Rally' in Perry, Georgia.

Clark quickly introduced himself as 'the guy that pulled the baby over the wall,' adding that 'it's definitely probably one of the greatest things I've done in my entire life.' 

Punishing Marines, the most patriotic of the once-patriotic military, makes perfect sense if the objective is to destroy the Esprit de Corp inherent in the Corps.

Marxism is a cancer on nations. And America is close to becoming terminal.

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