By Duncan Smith

If we were to write a new constitutional amendment we were sure would be ratified, it would be the imposition of term limits for everyone.

Our founders did not impose them, not even on presidents. That’s because they wrongly assumed that future generations of Americans would be citizen-legislators and citizen-servant like them.

They couldn’t imagine lawmakers serving 10, 20, 45 years in Congress.

But they left the people the option of replacing their representatives every two-to-six years.

They didn’t count on gerrymandered districts, multi-billion-dollar campaign cycles, and compliant media.

So we’re left with pieces of manure like Nancy Pelosi, a woman who has been in the House since 1987. A multimillionaire, she doesn’t know how ordinary Americans live, what they face, what they must deal with daily in our lives, and worse, she doesn’t give a damn.

Because she doesn’t have to. She knows the gerrymandered morons in her little San Fran district are going to return her to Congress four years after she dies.

So she rules that way.

How else can you explain why this cretin would want to fine businesses excessively if they don’t force their employees to take a vaccine that isn’t as effective as it was advertised to be?

Conservative Brief notes:

In the 2,465-page 'Build Back Better Bill' now being debated in Congress there is a vaccine enforcement mechanism that could see companies fined up to $700,000 for companies who do not mandate that their employees get vaccinated against COVID-19, The Daily Mail reported.

The increased fines on employers could go as high as $70,000 for serious infractions, and $700,000 for willful or repeated violations – a sum which can be applied to each instance of a violation rather than a total limit.

If enacted into law, the fines could rapidly bankrupt companies whose employees are not vaccinated, in effect forcing businesses to comply with Biden's inoculation drive.

It comes after the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) published an emergency Covid-19 rule in the Federal Register this summer, which added Covid-19 to a list of possible workplace hazards for healthcare employment.

Democrats are working to destroy liberty, dismantle resistance, and break businesses at the same time.

And they are being led by Pelosi.

What awful humans these Democrats are.

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