By Duncan Smith

You folks who voted for the brain-dead candidate in the 2020 election because you didn’t like the other guy’s mean tweets probably drove to the polls.

And if you did, then you got there on cheap gas. That’s because Donald Trump made us energy independent.

You arrived during an economic upswing brought about by red states shunning stupid COVID restrictions.

You cast your ballot as lower taxes, better trade agreements, and fewer regulations were enacted by the guy, Donald Trump, you voted against.

Well, you’re about to reap what you helped sow, and believe us when we say, we don’t like you much right about now.

Inflation under Biden has become a problem again, but, according to The Daily Caller, because of his and Democrats’ anti-energy independence agenda, it’s about to go into hyperdrive:

Oil prices have surged around the world in recent weeks, which will lead to even higher inflation, according to industry experts.

'Rising oil prices have been one of the biggest drivers of inflation,' PVM Oil Associates senior analyst Stephen Brennock said Tuesday, according to CNBC. 'And a worsening inflationary situation will act as a drag on the fragile economic recovery and oil consumption. This brings us neatly onto the issue of demand destruction.'

The Brent crude, which is the international benchmark for measuring oil prices, spiked above $80 per barrel Tuesday, marking its highest level in nearly three years, Reuters reported. An analysis from Goldman Sachs concluded that tight global oil supply and higher demand could lead to Brent crude surpassing $90 per barrel by the end of 2021.

'Global oil demand is back to converging to pre-Covid levels led by mobility in Asia, including China, and with the delta Covid impact fading,' the Goldman Sachs analysis said, according to Barron's.

While rising prices may be good for oil producers, they will hurt consumers in the U.S. and worldwide, the AFP reported. The price of oil is deeply tied to the prices of products across various sectors.

'Rising oil prices add yet further upwards pressure on inflation,' U.K.-based Centre for Economics and Business Research economist Josie Dent told the AFP. 'Businesses and households in Europe and the United States (are) set to experience rising costs associated with using oil and energy.'

We are a fossil fuel-based economy. We just are.

And thanks to the Biden regime, the most economically vulnerable Americans are about to become poorer and more destitute.

If you voted for that lame brain and his Democratic colleagues in Congress, shame on you.

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