By Duncan Smith

Straight up, the only thing worse than having Joe Biden as president is having his VP, Kamala Harris, become president.

And yet, she seems to be gearing up to do just that.

Faster than we anticipated, actually.

Here’s more from Conservative Brief:

Vice President Kamala Harris has brought in a pair of additional advisers at a time when her role in various policy arenas including voting rights and immigration is increasing, Reuters reported.

The VP has Lorraine Voles and Adam Frankel, both of whom worked with Harris during the transition.

They are expected to focus on various areas such as long-term planning, organizational development, and strategic communications, according to a White House official who spoke on condition of anonymity and who is familiar with the new hires.

Both of the new advisers began in their roles in August, Reuters added, but are slated to serve only temporarily in the White House, according to the official. It's not clear how long they plan to stay.


What BS.

This woman is being groomed to be a more cognizant lapdog for the Marxist deep state that is running Biden.

She doesn’t care about actually being in charge because she isn’t capable of leading.

Harris simply wants the perks associated with the position of president. She isn’t going to be running anything.

Hang onto your seats (and wallets); the Biden ride is about over, and it’s going to get really bumpy from this point.

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