By Duncan Smith

Parents have been abused like nobody’s business over the past year and a half with this COVID pandemic.

They were made to work at home after their companies and businesses shut down to in-person operations, thanks to more than a few governors’ and mayors’ orders.

Then they were forced to work at home with their children there, too, as schools closed to in-person classes.

When it came time for school to begin this year, parents were expecting to be able to send their kids back to classrooms normally.

But no.

We’re being told a bunch of bullshit regarding the ‘spread’ of COVID via new variants that still aren’t harmful or deadly to kids, who also aren’t spreaders.

So kids have to mask up for eight hours a day — a pointless, stupid endeavor that has nothing to do with ‘the science.’

And more and more parents have had it.

They are suing.

The Federalist details some Indiana couples:

A group of parents in northeastern Indiana has reached their breaking point with government officials turning deaf ears to their children's suffering under irrational and scientifically unfounded COVID rules with no clear end point.

After spending months trying to work with local officials to get their kids' lives 'back to normal,' only to have their school board allegedly break its own rules to mandate masks and quarantines of the healthy barely two weeks into this school year, four families filed a lawsuit against Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb (R), his Indiana State Department of Health and its commissioner, their county health commissioner, Northwest Allen County Schools and its superintendent, and their local school board and several of its members.

The lawsuit alleges these officials have broken state laws and the state and national constitutions by quarantine 'searches and seizures' that violate the Fourth Amendment and repeatedly restricting Hoosier children's constitutionally guaranteed right to a public education based on unproven allegations that the children are COVID-infectious.

'It used to be that if you missed 10 days of school you were truant. Now kids are missing 30-40 days of school'a year because of extreme quarantine rules, said Andrew Frisinger, a father and plaintiff in the lawsuit.

Good for these parents.

And if these lawsuits don’t succeed, parents the country over should simply stop complying.

They cannot put 100 million parents in jail.

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