By Duncan Smith

Joe Biden didn’t win the 2020 election fair and square.

And he certainly does not have the mental capacity now to run his administration.

It’s being run from behind the scenes by the American Marxist faction of the Democrat Party. The Obama sycophants.

But brainless Biden is taking the heat for it.

Seems like the regime’s left-wing policies are not a hit with most Americans, as his approval ratings continue to tank big time.

They are so low now, in fact, it has to be due to the fact that people who voted for him are against him now, too.

After all, he got 80 million votes, right?

Most ever?

Conservative Brief reports:

President Joe Biden's approval rating took another nosedive, according to the latest survey from Rasmussen Reports, one of the industry's most accurate polling firms.

The poll shows Biden's approval cratering to 40 percent; of that number, just 21 percent 'strongly approve' of him, marking the lowest level of approval in his eight-month presidency. Biden hit 42 percent a handful of times during this month.

Breitbart News further dissected the poll's findings:

Overall, 58 percent disapprove of Biden's job performance, and of those, 50 percent 'strongly' disapprove. This also appears to mark the highest disapproval of his presidency in this particular poll.

Biden's approval has continued to take a tumble since the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan at the end of August, as his administration left hundreds of Americans behind. Then, weeks later, Biden delivered a divisive speech on the Chinese coronavirus pandemic in which he essentially pitted vaccinated Americans against unvaccinated Americans.

Biden is not the ‘most popular, most voted-for’ president ever. It’s just not true.

This latest survey proves it as his numbers continue to tank.

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