By Duncan Smith

The longer Joe Biden is in office, the more Americans don’t want him in office.

That much is evident by his tanking polling numbers.

Every president’s approval rating tends to dip after they get in office and begin to actually implement their agenda.

But Biden’s approval ratings…are in a freefall.

Breitbart News has more:

President Joe Biden's approval ratings are continuing to suffer, crating to a record low as half of likely voters 'strongly' disapprove of his job performance, Rasmussen's Presidential Tracking Poll released Monday revealed.

The survey shows Biden's approval tanking to 40 percent. Of those, 21 percent 'strongly' approve.' This marks the first time it has fallen to 40 percent in the survey, although Biden has come close, reaching 42 percent a handful of times throughout September.

Overall, 58 percent disapprove of Biden's job performance, and of those, 50 percent 'strongly' disapprove. This also appears to mark the highest disapproval of his presidency in this particular poll.

For the record, the Rasmussen survey is among the most accurate in the industry.

So maybe the Marxists running Biden’s regime aren’t as popular as they think they are.

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