By Duncan Smith

There is no harder federal job these days than being a Border Patrol agent.

Hired and trained to protect our country’s boundaries from illegal immigrants, terrorists, and drug smugglers, under the Biden regime they have been completely neutered.

Not only are they unable to do their jobs, but the few times when they are expected to, they get in trouble because the moron Marxist in charge of the Department of Homeland Security doesn’t care about ‘homeland security.’

He’s playing his political role as the facilitator of the invasion of future Democrat voters.

On Tuesday video and photos of horseback agents went viral showing them trying to fend off thousands of Haitian migrants who have been allowed to just walk into our country and set up a tent city under a bridge near Del Rio, Texas.

Then, suddenly, because those images went viral, the DHS doofus, Alejandro Mayorkas, was forced to ‘do something.’

He ordered Border Patrol agents to stem the flow of migrants, and when they tried to do that, some of the migrants resisted.

So naturally, the agents had to use their tactics and training, which involved their horses, to protect our country.

'Border Patrol agents seen on horseback confronting Haitian refugees have been removed from regular duty during an investigation into their actions, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told lawmakers Wednesday,' Newsmax reported Wednesday.

'Videos showed law enforcement officers on horseback using aggressive tactics when confronting migrants in Del Rio, Texas. Some agents appeared to be swinging long reins,' the outlet continued, though Homeland Security officials have said the agents were adhering to their training and attempting to keep the migrants away from horses so they did not get injured.

We have clowns running our government and Marxists running them.

America is screwed if we can’t find a way to oust these maniacs from office.

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