By Duncan Smith

Our country is literally being invaded and the Biden regime is aiding and abetting it by refusing to do its job and protect the sovereignty of our borders.

Texas has been the hardest hit of all our southwest border states, which is contributed to Gov. Greg Abbott’s and the GOP-led legislature to fund their own border wall and to increase law enforcement.

But there’s only so much a state can do, since immigration is a federal responsibility.

Still, this BS has gotten way out of hand, as The Epoch Times reports:

Thousands of illegal immigrants, mostly from Haiti, are congregating under a bridge in Texas while they wait to turn themselves in to the U.S. Border Patrol.

Immigrants were spread out over a span of dirt, many sitting or lying on blankets. Others stood, chatting with companions.

Some 8,000 illegal immigrants, including Haitian, Cuban, and Venezuelan nationals, are in the area, a Border Patrol source told The Epoch Times.

The number increased by about 2,000 overnight, sources said.

Other immigrants are making their way towards Del Rio through Mexico.

It's not clear why they've chosen Del Rio, though migration patterns show that people from certain countries have favored routes into the United States. Haitians, especially, often choose to cross the Rio Grande River to enter the Texas border town.

They’ve chosen that sector because it’s easy to cross, that’s why.

But we’ve gotten to a point now where states and governors are going to have take matters into their own hands.

Between the poor third-world and Afghanistan, the Marxist regime is seeding our country with millions of people who have zero ties to our history, culture, language, and society.

And it’s being done on purpose.

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