By Duncan Smith

If you held out hope that GOP candidate and talk show host Larry Elder was really going to defeat California Dem Gov. Gavin Newsom during Tuesday’s recall, we’re sorry to disappoint you.

It was false hope.

As we suspected, and because California has long been a one-party state, the recall election theft is in full swing, per the Western Journal:

Estelle Bender, who lives in nearby West Hills, told KTLA-TV that she and others at the polling place were informed that they had already voted even though that had not.

Asked how shocked she was, the 88-year-old responded, 'Very. I went to El Camino High School to vote, got there at 10:30, gave her this and she scanned it and said, 'You voted.' And I said, 'No I haven't.' And she said, 'This has been happening all morning.'

'The man next to me was arguing the same thing. So as I left, I did the provisional ballot.'

Bender said she 'saw two women walking toward me as I left and I said, 'Don't be surprised if they tell you how they voted.' And she said, 'They've already done that.’'

She said she was 'really angry' and suspicious that this issue was targeting Republicans.

'I asked the couple, the young women that I talked to and I said, 'Are you by any chance Republicans?' She said, 'Yes,' and I said, 'Well so am I.’'

Get the picture?

If we, as Americans, continue to allow this stuff to happen, we deserve the tyranny that is coming.

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