By Duncan Smith

This might be a new record for political collapse; we’ll check that and get back to you.

Don’t look now, but confidence in Joe Biden ‘leading’ our country has completely collapsed.

And no less than CNN, which competes with MSNBC to be the most Biden bootlicking ‘news’ network, has discovered as much.

Breitbart News has more:

Two percent of Americans participating in a CNN poll think the United States is doing 'very well' under President Joe Biden, results revealed Friday.

'How well are things going in the country today?' CNN asked respondents. Two percent said 'very well,' 29 percent said 'fairly well,' 45 percent said 'pretty bad,' and 24 percent said 'very badly.'

Combining the net answers, 69 percent said 'pretty/very badly,' while 31 percent said 'very/fairly well'–a 37 percent difference.

For perspective, while former President Donald Trump was in office in January 2020, 21 percent of Americans said the United States was doing very well…

And of course, our country would go on to do very well under Trump:

— Record employment

— Record low umemployment

— Record low unemployment for minorities

— Energy independence

— Stable prices/little inflation

— Rising wages

— Lower taxes

— Stronger military

— Peace deals

— Better trade deals

— Less federal government/interference

Sure, we had to deal with “mean tweets,” but the vast majority of us realize that our lives do not begin and end with social media.

Biden is officially a disaster. Even CNN can’t hide it.

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