By Duncan Smith

The Democrat Party should rename itself to the American Communist Party because that’s who they, and their voters, really are: Commies.

They hate America, they hate our founding, they hate everything about the Constitution because it limits their tyranny, and they hate — hate — Trump supporters and conservatives.

So much so they have more respect and love for our sworn enemies and competitors than their fellow citizens with whom they disagree with politically.

That’s not hyperbole, that’s a fact.

Hot Air notes:

Just how badly divided are the politically active people in the United States today? According to the latest numbers generated by Scott Rasmussen (not affiliated with Rasmussen Reports), it's fairly grim out there. Given how much the political landscape seems to be shifting, this is a particularly interesting survey. People who are largely content and not worried about the future tend to be less politically active and engaged, but knowing what has the voters either riled up or alarmed can be a useful measuring stick heading into a midterm cycle, and these numbers will likely alarm the Democrats. The leading question was fairly simple, asking people what the biggest threat to the United States is today. The partisan divide in the answers couldn't be more stark.

And this is from Rasmussen:

Fifty-seven percent (57%) of Democratic voters believe supporters of Donald Trump are a serious threat to the nation. A Scott Rasmussen national survey found that 56% of those in President Biden's party also consider the unvaccinated a serious threat. That's a higher level of concern than Democrats express about the Taliban (44% see it as a serious threat); China (44%), or Russia (37%).

These results help explain the tone and actions taken recently by President Biden.

Republicans and Independents have a much different view of the threats facing the nation.

You understand, of course, that with a political gulf this wide and with one side (theirs) adhering to a political ideology that is 180 degrees the opposite of small ‘r’ republicanism, there is no way to bridge the divide.

That will only mean massive conflict in the future if we don’t find a way to politically defeated the American Communist Party moving forward.

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