By Duncan Smith

Republicans are finally beginning to realize the serious threat to the survival of our republic today’s Democrat Party poses.

These people aren’t your granddaddy’s Democrats; today, they’re a rabid mix of socialists, Marxists, and Communists, and they aim to oust our constitutional republican form of government and implement straight-up authoritarianism.

Exhibit A: Joe Biden thinking he has the authority, like a king, to force private companies to mandate vaccines for their employees or face financial penalties.

The arrogance to assume so is breathtaking, and that fact was not lost on a combat veteran and hero, former Navy SEAL officer and Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw.

He was incredulous over Biden’s action and he asked the appropriate question: Is this fool trying to start another civil war?

Per USA Features News:

'Are you people trying to start a full on revolt? Honestly what the hell is wrong with Democrats? Leave people the hell alone. This is insanity,' Crenshaw noted on Twitter.

'Mandates are cheap governance. The right path is built upon explaining, educating, and *building* trust, including explaining the risks/benefits/pros/cons in an honest way so a person can make their own decision. The Biden Administration has completely failed in that regard,' he continued.

'Our founders designed a system that treated citizens as more than just children. Our grand experiment is designed for a free people,' he added.

'Yes, that entails risk. Yes, I'll take risk and freedom over a paternalistic government any day,' he wrote.

'And it should be noted, a huge portion of the unvaccinated are younger minorities. So this impacts a broad range of people, not just 'anti-vaxxer Trump supporters,' as Dems believe,' the Texas Republican said.

'Democrats are declaring war on everyone, not just conservatives.'

Based on the fact that while ‘out there’ in terms of political ideology, the leftists running Biden’s regime aren’t stupid.

Crenshaw may be onto something.

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